New VectorCast release facilitates testing and debugging

New VectorCast release facilitates testing and debugging

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

VectorCAST, a test automation platform for embedded software that is very popular in the automotive industry, is a family of products that automates test activities throughout the entire software development cycle. The new product release VectorCAST 2018 now released, for example, offers the user a simple way to dynamically add code blocks (Probe Points) to a complete application with the new “Probe Point” functionality. This enables whitebox tests, error injections and debugging of conditions that are difficult to repeat. The user gets an intuitive graphical editor and can extend his existing tool chains with the ability to create and manage VectorCAST Probe Points.

The new component coverage functionality supports customers with limited target resources by splitting an application into several logical components that are handled in isolation. This is integrated into VectorCAST/QA’s system test automation features, which automatically performs all tests on each component and merges the coverage results into a common report.

For the aerospace industry, the new VectorCAST 2018 offers full support for coupling analysis and verification, which is required by the C and DO-178B aviation certification standards. Static analysis identifies couplings that exist in the implementation and source code instrumentation ensures that each of the identified couplings is tested. In addition, a simple graphical component editor allows the user to easily create a component definition that corresponds to the application architecture.

VectorCAST 2018 allows test collaboration across the entire company. A variety of enhancements have been introduced in this area for the new release. The user benefits from the newly developed functions for sharing test artifacts, their management, real-time analysis, and improved test automation.

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