New Würth catalog highlights radio and sensors modules

New Würth catalog highlights radio and sensors modules

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By Ally Winning

The company provides many variants that offer operating modes with very low energy consumption. These sensors and radio modules can be combined to provide a full solution for low-maintenance, decentralized IoT applications. Highlights of the new 2020/21 Product Guide include a range of calibrated MEMS-based sensors that has recently been completed with a humidity sensor, and the proprietary Thyone-I radio module.

The Wireless Connectivity & Sensors Product Guide is intended to provide lots of basic and detailed knowledge – for example on radio protocols. The provided information will make it much simpler for the selection of the best fitting products for each application. All products featured in the catalog are available from stock without a minimum order quantity. In addition, Würth Elektronik can provide extensive design-in support with tools and in-house experts.

An entire chapter of the new catalog is dedicated to positioning. The Elara and Erinome GNSS module series allows an easy implementation of satellite navigation in designs. All modules can be operated in low-power mode and offer I²C and SPI alongside the UART interface.

The recently launched WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor is also prominently featured. The sensor is robust, calibrated and temperature compensated. An interrupt pin can be used directly for monitoring.

“With all our sensors, we ensure they provide directly usable data, including processed data, in order to keep the developers’ integration workload as low as possible,” explains Michael Brauer, Head of Product Management of the Wireless Connectivity & Sensors Division at Würth Elektronik eiSos. “Combined with our wide ranging compact and economical wireless solutions, the sensors can be used extremely efficiently in IoT and industrial networks.”

Würth’s Thyone-I radio modules use the 2.4 GHz band to provide a range of up to 750 m and an end-to-end payload throughput of up to 400 kbps with the versatile and easy-to-configure WE-ProWare firmware. The wireless modules can also be easily converted to other protocols such as Wirepas.

“The products presented in the Wireless Connectivity & Sensors Product Guide and the support we offer in this area clearly demonstrates how we, as a component manufacturer, strive to promote innovative product developments—whether through useful details such as interfaces, an energy-saving mode, or through the simple fact that we serve developers and start-ups otherwise not served by other manufacturers on account of their small quantities”, explains Oliver Opitz, Vice President at Würth Elektronik.

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