Next generation 8Mb Serial Flash for small IoT devices

Next generation 8Mb Serial Flash for small IoT devices

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By Nick Flaherty

Winbond Electronics has launched the first in a series of 3V flash devices for small connected IoT edge devices in industrial and consumer segments.

The Winbond W25Q80RV 8Mbit serial flash memory supports all common single/dual/quad/QPI commands and read modes for XIP (eXecute-In-Place) and code shadowing to RAM.  This device operates on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with a power-down current down to 1μA.  Active read current is optimized from 12mA down to 10mA at 104MHz.

The device flash is sectioned into 64KB or 32KB blocks and is further subdivided into small 4KB sectors which allow for greater flexibility and storage efficiency in applications that require code, data, and parameter storage in the same device. It is also capable of 66MHz Double Data Rate operation enabling the system to achieve the same high speed (133MHz Single Data Rate) read throughput at a lower clock frequency. The Read Command Bypass Mode supports faster memory access for true XIP operation by eliminating the command input cycle.

As IoT devices become widely deployed in industrial factory automation and smart home control applications combining processing, connectivity, and sensor technologies in a system that is small and upgradeable, the demand grows for flash memories that come in small-form-factor packaging, consume a negligible amount of energy, and support fast software updates.

The flash memory is manufactured in Winbond’s own 300mm wafer foundry using the latest generation of Winbond’s 58nm Next technology. The die area is reduced by 40% compared to its predecessor which was built with 90nm technology.   In addition to small-form-factor packaging, this new flash is suitable for space-constrained applications where the flash KGD or WLCSP is combined with the SoC in a System-In-Package.

The read speed has improved from 104MHz to 133MHz, page programming time is cut by 50%, and active read current is reduced by up to 20% while XIP code is accomplished at a higher frequency, enabling greater system response while consuming less energy. 

Faster programming accelerates factory throughput and lowers manufacturing costs.  The short time it takes to conduct an OTA firmware update means greater system availability and less downtime which can result in superior end-user experience.  Along with a reduced form factor this new 8Mb flash supports new use cases for a range of IoT devices with higher performance, lower power, and faster manufacturing programming and OTA update.

After the 8Mbit device, the rest of the low-density RV series will be launched in the coming quarters, enabling migration from W25QxxCV and W25QxxDV series to their W25QxxRV counterparts.

“Winbond is proud and committed to innovate and differentiate by designing our Serial Flash KGD and WLCSP solutions for use in specialized applications requiring non-volatile storage that is small in form factor, high speed, and energy efficient,” said Jackson Huang, Flash Product Marketing Vice President, Winbond. “We continue to work closely with customers and partners to add value to their next-generation embedded solutions.”

The W25Q80RV is available now and will be followed by other densities in the family.



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