NFC reader IC for digital car keys offers extended range

NFC reader IC for digital car keys offers extended range

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Digital keys let drivers lock and unlock their cars using their smartphones and support added-value features including sharing and management of access privileges for other users such as friends or valets. They also enable new vehicle-ownership models, including car subscription services. The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key Release 2.0, relaying on NFC, even offers the ability to use the key while the phone battery is so low that normal device operation is disabled.

Having pioneered NFC-access roll-out in cars over the past years and currently supplying well-known US, European, and Asian automotive brands, ST as a leader in digital car-key technology is now extending the state-of-the-art with the ST25R3920. Together with unique Dynamic Power Output (DPO) and Noise-Suppression Receiver (NSR) technologies, the new device increases RF output power and offers an enhanced input-circuit design for rapid car-key response and superior user convenience.

With DPO, the device operates at up to 1.6W continuous RF output power and 2.5W short-term input peak, to maintain reliable NFC connections over distance with a small antenna. ST’s NSR increases immunity to interference from noise sources and therefore simplifies electromagnetic immunity and eases certification. In addition, automatic antenna tuning compensates for changes in the RF environment to maintain the best possible connection to the user’s smartphone, and low-power key-signal detection with inductive wakeup minimizes load on the battery when the key is not being used.

Ideal for space-constrained locations that severely limit the maximum antenna size, the ST25R3920 can be positioned in door handles, B-pillar, or center console.

The device supports the CCC Digital Key Standardization Release 2.0, the architecture endorsed by the world’s leading carmakers, smartphone manufacturers, and electronics suppliers. A CCC member, ST plays a key role in setting NFC standards as a member of the NFC Forum board, various working groups, and ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 task forces.

The chip is also certified by NFC Forum and can work as an NFC reader or NFC universal device. Compliance with NFC Forum standards for pairing applications, as well as EMVCo 3.0 standards, allows use as an in-car contactless-payment terminal for services such as electric-vehicle charging. In addition, a new and unique Qi wireless charging NFC-card protection algorithm enables safe wireless charging of portable devices.


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