NFC universal device eases EMVCo 3.0 compliance

NFC universal device eases EMVCo 3.0 compliance

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The 5x5mm 32-pin QFN chip builds on features of the preceding ST25R3911B, which was the first reader offering Dynamic Power Output (DPO) to keep the field strength within EMVCo limits and avoid damage to cards and phones from overpowering in zero distance. The NFC universal device adds Active Wave Shaping (AWS) that manages the energy continuously to improve waveform robustness versus antenna detuning. Together, DPO and AWS help new terminal designs pass the latest EMVCo 3.0 certification faster, easing the tests performed with dissimilar-reference Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICCs) that emulate card, wearable, and mobile devices.

The STR25R3916 adds an industry-first Noise-Suppression Receiver (NSR), offering unmatched sensitivity that prevents the terminal mistaking noise from its own LCD as a load-modulation signal from the payment device. Designers can select their preferred LCD model for best user experience. The ST25R3916 delivers an output power of up to 1.6W, using the internal LDO, or higher with an additional external regulator, ensuring adequate field strength to connect reliably even in setups with small antennas.

With Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT), automatic EMD (Electro Magnetic Disturbance) handling, power-saving capacitive and inductive wake-up (CWU), and support for reader/writer, peer-to-peer, and card-emulation modes, the ST25R3916 provides all the features designers need to ensure fast time to market and compliance with relevant NFC specifications.

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