Nimbic launches cloud computing solution for EDA

Nimbic launches cloud computing solution for EDA

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Effective immediately, nWave, a 3D full-wave EM solver for signal and power integrity (formerly PhysWAVE), and nApex, a 3D accelerated parasitic extractor (formerly PhysAPEX), are available on nCloud.

“With our pay-for-use, peak-usage cloud computing model, customers can now expect to see results hundreds of times faster than what they have been used to, without having to over-spend on upfront volume licenses that typically sit idle for extended periods during the year,” said Dr. Raul Camposano, CEO of Nimbic. “nCloud has all the ingredients to ignite a new phase in electronic design, where solutions to even the most complex system designs can be delivered cost-effectively in near real time.”

nCloud offers multiple advantages:

  • On-demand provisioning of computing resources in minutes, with virtually unlimited scalability
  • A highly secure compute platform
  • Resources to exploit parallelism at the tool and at the design-methodology level
  • An easy-to-use design environment with pre-installed and ready-to-run design tools
  • Reduced need for on-premises hardware IT infrastructure
  • Reduced need for upfront purchase of EDA licenses
  • A cost-effective pay-for-use and pay-as-you-go software-as-a-service (SaaS) model

“The cost-effective way of scaling performance with nCloud is very appealing to us,” said Tomoaki Isozaki, chief professional, system package engineering department, Renesas Electronics. “As a customer of Nimbic, we have continually been impressed with the accuracy, speed and capacity of their enterprise solution. We look forward to even greater efficiencies with the solutions on the cloud. We are excited to be working with Nimbic as an early nCloud adopter.”

“As an innovator in the programmable logic market looking to deploy our Stylus 3PLD design tools on the cloud, and as a satisfied enterprise customer of nWave and nApex, we share in the excitement of Nimbic’s launch of the solutions in the cloud,” said Prasun Raha, senior director, analog and system engineering, at Tabula, Inc. “Better productivity with less upfront EDA tool investment and the ability to scale on demand and pay for use when we are in peak design mode is particularly attractive to us. We are excited to be a beta participant in nCloud”.

For many customers, security in the cloud remains a real concern. To address this issue, Nimbic built its architecture with security across multiple layers, including security of data in transit, security of data at rest and security through the use of isolation techniques.

“We understand that security is paramount in importance for our customers,” said Dr. Don MacMillen, vice president of engineering at Nimbic. “nCloud has been engineered to be as secure as or more secure than companies’ own data centers.”

nCloud is currently in early release with customers worldwide. To learn more and to participate in a no-cost beta trial of nWave or nApex on nCloud, contact Nimbic at

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