Other notable changes in 2015 include the expectation that Europe and Japan will experience even worse markets than previously forecast. WSTS now reckons the European chip market will contract by 3.6 percent compared with the previously forecast 2.0 percent fall. Japan is headed for a 9.5 percent market fall compared with a 3.7 percent contraction, previously predicted.

However, the Asia-Pacific region, which is set to represent 60 percent of the total market in 2015, is now expected to grow faster than previously predicted at 7.0 percent in 2015.

WSTS Spring 2015 forecast summary. Note: numbers in the table are rounded to whole millions of dollars, which may cause totals by region and by product groups to differ slightly. Source: WSTS.

The figures are part of WSTS Spring 2015 market forecast that also forecasts slower global market in 2015 – down to 3.4 percent growth and a total market of about $347 billion. As recently as April WSTS said the global market would be worth $363 billion representing 4.9 percent growth.

In the Spring 2015 forecast WSTS has increased its forecast for growth in 2016 to 3.4 percent (compared with the previous view of 3.1 percent) and has included a prediction of a 3.0 percent growth year for the chip market in 2017.

In 2015 all the major product categories are forecasted to have positive growth rates with the highest being for optoelectronics (8.3 percent) and analog (5.6 percent) category although both have been marked down from the previous expectation.

The reason the Europe and Japan regions have suffered in the latest forecast is because of currency exchange rate changes and how they effect the reporting of euro and yen denominated sales in the US dollar based chart, WSTS said. No reason was given for the overall mark down or the extreme mark down of the US figures.

Semiconductor market growth in 2015, such as it is, will be driven by sales of chips for smartphones and automotive electronics, WSTS said. By end application, automotive and wireless communications are projected to grow stronger than the total market, whereas consumer and computer are assumed to remain almost flat.

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