Novel phosphor and purple LED combination yields sun-like white light

Novel phosphor and purple LED combination yields sun-like white light

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Combining its patented LED chip technology with Toshiba Materials’ TRI-R phosphor technology, Seoul Semiconductor claims its SunLike Series LEDs deliver the world’s best light quality, so close to the sun's natural light spectrum that objects lit by these novel LEDs appear as they would in sunlight.
By Julien Happich


“Much like our package-less WICOP Series LEDs revolutionized the LED packaging process, our SunLike Series LEDs represents a revolution in creating natural spectrum LED lighting.” commented Mr. Chung Hoon Lee, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor.

TRI-R technology white light used for the exhibition 
“Crafting the Future during Milan Fashion Week. 

Designed for next-generation human-centric lighting solutions optimized for circadian rhythms, the new technology combination is claimed to minimize the side-effects of blue-LED-based white lights that typically create a blue light “spike” which may produce negative effects when viewed for prolonged periods during night-time hours by interfering with natural human biorhythms. The use of a purple emitter in combination with a blend of phosphors shares some similarities with Soraa’s white LED technology announced over three years ago, also claiming best sun-like spectrum characteristics.

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