Novelda has second-generation CMOS radar chip

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XeThru is a microwave radar system integrated on a single CMOS chip that can act as ground-probing radar, a sensor for human vital signs monitoring, personal security, environmental monitoring, industrial automation and robotics.

"The core component of the XeThru technology is a high frequency CMOS chip combined with advanced signal processing algorithms. Our second-generation chip X2 (previously called 6201) is now fully tested and in production at TSMC in Taiwan," said Alf-Egil Bogen, who appointed CEO of Novelda in August 2013, in an article on the company’s website.

The first-generation X1 chip – previously called the NVA6100 – has been designed into land mine detectors, snow depth measurement systems, rescue equipment and other applications. The X1 operates at a lower frequency than the X2 and can therefore look deeper into the ground and through walls, Bogen said. Data sheets are only available to those prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

According to earlier discussions of Novelda technology by Frost & Sullivan in 2011 the technology is based on a "Continuous Time Binary Valued" design platform that does not involve the use of synchronous clock-based digital logic. This enables significantly lower power consumption, while accelerating the processing speed.

"Our strategy is to support strategic customers to design sensors with extraordinary capabilities. In the future we will make the technology more available for a wider customer base in addition to students and design communities," Bogen said.

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