NSXe’s Low-cost Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor “conanair” Launched

NSXe’s Low-cost Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor “conanair” Launched

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By Wisse Hettinga

Conanair is launched in U.S. to Diagnose Bearing Failures with New Technology

Conventionally, expensive and high-resolution vibration sensors were thought to be required to capture the impact vibration caused by bearing damage. It has also been believed that inexpensive digital output sensors with low-sampling frequency cannot measure such vibrations, or that high-frequency impact vibrations create a large fold-back noise that impedes measurement.

When a bearing is damaged, high-frequency impact vibrations are generated, and the bearing damage can be diagnosed by checking the envelope (change in amplitude) and the interval between the vibrations. (This is an established technology with a track record of more than half a century.) The technology called “Under Sampling” is mainly used in wireless communication systems that must handle high-frequency signals. It makes active use of aliasing noise to handle high-frequency signals even at low sampling frequencies.

Using a general-purpose vibration sensor that is capable of “Under Sampling,” NSXe confirmed the impact vibration intervals necessary for bearing diagnosis, and it succeeded in manufacturing the inexpensive, low-resolution “conanair.” It can capture vibrations, enabling diagnosis of bearing fault.

Just as a doctor would listen to a patient’s heart during physical examination, the main purpose of “conanair” is to perform health checks on machinery and equipment. 

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