i.MX RT1170 MCUs have a dual-core architecture with an Arm Cortex-M7 core running up to 1GHz and Cortex-M4 running up to 400MHz. To support the Arm cores, the devices integrate a 2D vector graphics core, NXP’s pixel processing pipeline (PxP) 2D graphics accelerator, EdgeLock 400A and advanced embedded security technology. Thanks to its architecture, the MCUs deliver a 12ns interrupt response time, 6468 CoreMark score and 2974 DMIPS while using the on-chip memory. 2MB of on-chip SRAM is integrated, which includes 512KB that is able to be configured as TCM with Error Code Correction (ECC) for Cortex-M7 use, and 256KB of TCM with ECC for Cortex-M4 use.

The dual-core system partners the high-performance core with a power-efficient core, each using independent power domains. For example, the Cortex-M4 core can be used for time-critical control applications, while the main core runs more complex applications. The dual-core system can run ML applications in parallel, such as face recognition with natural language processing.

The GHz Cortex-M7 core enhances performance for ML, edge inference for voice, vision and gesture recognition, natural language understanding, data analytics, and DSP functions. The GHz core is also efficient in executing computationally demanding voice recognition, including audio pre-processing for improved cognition.

NXP’s EdgeLock 400A embedded security sub-system includes High Assurance Boot (HAB) – NXP’s version of secure boot, secure key storage, SRAM-based PUF, high performance crypto accelerators for AES-128/256, Elliptical Curve Cryptography, RSA-4096 encryption algorithms, hashing acceleration for SHA-256/512, in addition to tamper detection. The i.MX RT1170 MCU also features in-line encryption engine (IEE) and on-the-fly decryption engines (OTFAD). The IEE is designed to encrypt and decrypt on-chip SRAM and external SRAM/PSRAM/DRAM, while OTFAD operates on external serial and parallel flash memories.

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