NXP IQ modulators feature highest dynamic range with DC-independent DAC interfacing

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Operating between 400 MHz and 4 GHz, the BGX7100HN and BGX7101HN consume less than 1 W power – 10-percent more efficient than other solutions on the market today. Because RF performance is independent of input common mode voltage, these modulators offer flexible interfacing with any DAC, simplifying design-in, and lowering the bill of materials.

Applications of the rugged BGX710xHN are in wireless infrastructure base stations, and repeaters for standards such as GSM, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA and LTE, as well as in point-to-point systems. The main difference between the two NXP IQ modulators is in output power: 0 dBm for BGX7100HN, and 4 dBm for BGX7101HN, providing solutions for infrastructure cell sizes ranging from small to macro. Next to the high dynamic range and low noise floor, the devices excel in monotonic IP3o behavior versus frequency, in the lowest unadjusted carrier feedthrough (-50 dBm at -7 dBm output power @ 1960 MHz) and in the highest unadjusted sideband suppression in the market (45 dBc at -7 dBm output power @ 1960 MHz). BGX710xHN’s wide temperature range (-40° to 85°C) makes the devices well-suited for operation under extreme weather conditions.

A feature of the BGX710xHN is the fast on/off switching that enables the device to go from power-saving mode to full-spec operation and stable RF performance within 1 microsecond, even for the most demanding Time Division Duplex (TDD) systems. This results in power consumption savings of more than 50 percent.


The BGX7100HN and BGX7101HN are available now.

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