NXP renews MCU partner role with ARM

NXP renews MCU partner role with ARM

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NXP is already been a lead partner in deploying ARM’s Cortex-M cores as microcontrollers. Under the expanded agreement NXP will work with ARM on the future microcontroller cores roadmap in areas including performance and energy efficiency.

"With 100 million ARM processor-based microcontrollers shipped, NXP has reached a major milestone in our commitment to deliver the broadest range of choice available for customers migrating from 8/16-bit architectures to 32-bit ARM MCUs," said Geoff Lees, general manager of the microcontroller product line at NXP, in a statement. "Looking ahead, this strategic licensing agreement gives us the ability to continue breaking new ground with ARM on the future of the 32-bit MCU landscape.

Other companies, such as Energy Micro AS, have made a great play of pursuing energy efficiency around ARM cores.

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