NXP, Samsung, Bosch form UWB consortium

NXP, Samsung, Bosch form UWB consortium

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By Peter Clarke

FiRa stands for “fine ranging” and this highlights the use of UWB to deliver high accuracy at low power when measuring the distance or determining the relative position of a target. This opens up applications in access control, location-based services and peer-to-peer communications.

FiRa plans to develop the ecosystem for interoperable services by setting standards and certifications. Besides the four founder members the follow three companies have joined the consortium; Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc., LitePoint and the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA).

“As an industry consortium, we believe UWB technology can transform the way people experience connectivity, and we’re committed to the widespread adoption of interoperable UWB technologies,” said Charlie Zhang, chair of the FiRa Consortium and vice president of engineering at Samsung Electronics.

The starting point for UWB technology is the IEEE standard 802.15.4/4z, which defines the essential characteristics for low-data-rate wireless connectivity and enhanced ranging. It is the aim of the FiRa Consortium to build on what the IEEE has already established, by developing an interoperability standard based on the IEEE’s profiled features, defining mechanisms that are out of scope of the IEEE standard, and pursuing activities that support rapid development of specific use cases.

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