NXP’s S32K1 automotive microcontrollers get 3rd party debug support

NXP’s S32K1 automotive microcontrollers get 3rd party debug support

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By Graham Prophet

The S32K1 microcontroller platform combines a scalable family of ARM Cortex-M MCUs with specific functions optimized for future automobile applications. Thanks to their ultra-low-power consumption, range of 128 kB – 2 MB flash memory, ISO CAN FD, specialized hardware security functions such as Cryptographic Services Engine compressed (CSEc) and ASIL-B support, the automotive microcontrollers can be used in many different applications.


UDE 4.8.3 provides full support of all internal debug functions of the S32K1 microcontroller platform, for troubleshooting and system analysis. Its user interface provides, besides conventional use of breakpoints and run-mode debugging, an easy way od visualizing internal system states at runtime. Full access to application variables, core and peripheral registers as well as a graphical presentation of system values in diagrams, allow users to evaluate the runtime behaviour of their application. Especially for S32K14x devices with their integrated ARM CoreSight trace functions UDE 4.8.3 offers even more extensive possibilities for system monitoring and analysis.


With the powerful automation interface, based on the Component Object Model (COM) from Microsoft, UDE 4.8.3 is ready for efficient test automation as well as for coupling of third party test tools. This interface also allows users extensive scripting of the UDE 4.8.3 without being limited to a specific or even proprietary scripting language.


A combined target adapter for the access devices of PLS’ Universal Access Device (UAD) family ensures a reliable and fast communication between the UDE 4.8.3 and microcontrollers of the S32K1 family via JTAG or the ARM-specific Serial Wire Debug (SWD) interface. For challenging environmental conditions, this adapter is also optionally available with additional galvanic isolation.


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