OKdo selected by Google sensor spin-off as SBC partner

OKdo selected by Google sensor spin-off as SBC partner

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By Peter Clarke

OKdo Technology Ltd., part of the RS Group of component distributors, has struck a global manufacturing and distribution partnership with Useful Sensors Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.).

The partnership is intended to bring sensors capable of machine learning to the market. OKdo will make and distribute single-board computers that will provide such capabilities as anomaly and presence detection, hand gesture recognition and voice interfacing.

Useful Sensors was founded in March 2022 by Pete Warden and CTO Manjunath Kudlur, who were both founding members of Google’s TensorFlow open-source machine learning framework.

Useful Sensors’ person-sensor detector is a coin-sized module with a camera on the front and a microcontroller on the back that detects faces, determines where they are relative to the sensor and performs facial recognition to identify the person.

The company’s [OKdo’s] deep expertise in building products that solve real problems for their customers is going to improve the solutions we’re creating and help us come up with entirely new ways of helping system builders,” said Pete Warden, CEO and founder of Useful Sensors, in a statement issued by OKdo.

“This partnership with Useful Sensors, gives our customers access to low-cost, secure machine learning and AI capabilities,” said Sander Arts, CMO of OKdo, in the same statement.

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