OLED display driver IC reaches 28nm node

OLED display driver IC reaches 28nm node

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MagnaChip Semiconductor has launched an OLED DDIC (Display Driver IC) designed at the 28nm process node, which the company says is the most advanced process used for manufacturing OLED DDICs today.
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The chip comes with a form factor reduction of 20% compared to chips designed at 40nm, it is aimed at smartphones and other mobile devices, where small size and thinness are critical factors.

MagnaChip also reduced the logic voltage from 1.1V, which was required for the existing 40nm products, to 1.0V, which reduces the current voltage consumption by more than 20 percent and also extends battery life. The 28nm OLED driver IC supports various display types such as rigid, flexible, foldable and VR or AR microdisplays.

MagnaChip Semiconductor – www.magnachip.com

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