OLED display market to grow 20% by next year, says IDTechEx

OLED display market to grow 20% by next year, says IDTechEx

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As IDTechEx’ CEO notes, the OLED industry is dominated by OLEDs used in mobile devices, they will account for 88% of the market revenue in 2018. These are predominately supplied by Samsung but recent capacity additions come from BOE Display, CSOT, EDO, Tianman and Visionox, all based in China.
The second largest sector is OLED TVs, supplied by LG, which represent 8% of the total market by revenue in 2018, but only 27% of the market by display area.
Wearables make up the third largest OLED application in 2018, though only accounting for 2% of the total market value and 0.4% by area in 2018. The thinness, flexibility and appearance of the display are desirable in these applications versus LCDs.


Additionally, IDTechEx Research concludes that the OLED market will grow to $58Bn in 2025, with the total area of displays being 27.6 million sq meters that year.
The report also assesses the progress of emerging competitive technologies including the impact of the Rec.2020 digital standard for next generation UHD displays calling for quantum dot (QD) displays. Emissive QD displays are still in development and the first displays based on this technology could come to market in 2026, at which point the OLED industry will be more depreciated.

In the race to innovate to differentiate, there is rapid progress from glass based OLED displays to plastic based/flexible displays and ultimately foldable displays. In 2017 25.6% of manufactured OLED displays were plastic based, reports IDTechEx, rising to 35.3% in 2020 with the first foldable displays then coming to market in volume.
As for printed OLED displays, they are still in development, JOLED having launched the world’s first commercial printed OLED display in late 2017 and others – particularly Chinese panel makers – aggressively pursuing research in this area.
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