OLED fibers make garments glow in the dark

OLED fibers make garments glow in the dark

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By Rich Pell

The researchers identified that solution process planar OLEDs can be applied to fibers without any reduction in performance through the technology. The fibre OLEDs obtained boasted a luminance in excess of 10,000 cd/m2 with a current efficiency of 11cd/A.

Even operated under tensile strains of up to 4.3%, the fibre OLEDs retained more than 90% of their current efficiency. The researchers then wove and knitted the fibre OLED into textiles and knitted clothes, and demonstrated the OLEDs remained functional, making them applicable to flexible wearable displays.

Fibre-based OLEDs woven into knitted clothes. (Source KAIST)

The low temperature coating process (at around 105?) is applicable to many types of fibers, with diameters ranging from 300? down to 90?, highlight the researchers.

Professor Choi said, “Existing fiber-based wearable displays had limitations for applicability due to their low performance. However, this technology can fabricate OLEDs with high performance on fibers. This simple, low-cost process opens a way to commercialize fiber-based wearable displays.” 


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