On Semi acquires photomultiplier firm for lidar play

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By Peter Clarke

SensL was formed in 2004 and is only known to have raised one round of equity finance – for €1.5 million (about $1.75 million) in 2011. SensL’s CMOS-based silicon photomultipliers offer low noise, high voltage breakdown uniformity a temperature coefficient of 21.5mV/degC and a bias voltage of less than 30V. SensL is reported to have more than 500 customers who have implemented its SiPM in applications ranging from medical imaging through biophotonics and on to lidar.

SensL also has expertise in single photon avalanche photodetector (SPAD) technology.

By combining its acquisition in Ireland with previously acquired radar technology and design centers in Israel and United Kingdom, On Semiconductor is putting together the technologies to address the requirements of highly autonomous vehicles. In the second half of 2018, On Semiconductor is planning to introduce samples to the market which incorporate technology from the radar assets acquired in 2017 (see On Semi opens sensor design centers in UK, Israel).

“The entire SensL team, founded by Carl Jackson and led by Bryan Campbell, have done a great job in bringing SiPMs to market and we look forward to expanding their market success and continuing their product portfolio in LiDAR, medical imaging and radiation detection,” said Taner Ozcelik, senior vice president and general manager of the image sensor group at On Semi, in a statement. “Expanding our sensor technology assets and design capacity in Ireland will allow us to extend our leadership in established segments and to deliver new, world-class solutions for emerging segments.”

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