On Semi is top automotive image sensor vendor

On Semi is top automotive image sensor vendor

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By Peter Clarke

The market of 104 million units in 2017 was worth $858 million and On Semi captured 43 percent (about $369 million) compared with Omnivision’s 25 percent (about $215 million) and Sony’s 9 percent (about $77 million), Yole estimates. The image sensor division of On Semi automotive is growing rapidly and Yole reckons that they accounted for 48 percent of the division’s $768 million sales in 2017.

On Semi’s progress in automotive image sensors has been long and steady. Starting from $15 million in 2011 the annual sales of On Semi’s automotive image sensors have grown and are expected to exceed $450 million in 2018. That represents a compound annual growth rate over the period of 55 percent.

Ranking of automotive image sensor vendors by market share in 2017. Source: Yole Developpement.

On Semi’s acquisition of Aptina Imaging in 2014 was a key event in that progress. Aptina Imaging sensor were made at Lfoundry’s 200mm fab, previously owned by Micron Technology Inc. at Avezzano in Italy. They still are but the fab is owned by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC).

The fab is described as having a manufacturing capacity of more than 40,000 wafer starts per month but Yole reckons the capacity is 160,000 wafer starts per month with 100,000 wafer starts per month being for On Semi.

And On Semi recently acquired SensL Technologies Ltd. for its capabilities in silicon photomultipliers and single photon avalanche diodes. These are key components on the receiving side of lidar.

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