Online forum opens energy-friendly design competition around Energy Micro‘s EFM32 Gecko MCU

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At the same time, the company has announced a design competition for the best low power design that uses its products. To join the design competition, participants only need to enter their ideas before 31st October 2012.
To help realize their concepts, 40 participants will receive an EFM32 Cortex-M3 starter kit, and the person submitting the winning implementation receives the first prize of 2000 USD for his or her energy-saving design.
For all EFM32 Gecko designers, the community includes FAQs, technical how-to guides, and a user forum where both fellow EFM32 users and Energy Micro’s own technical experts contribute. Community members also get early access to better versions of new tools and software.
EFM32 ARM-based devices come with Flash memory configurations up to 1024KB with the option of embedded USB connectivity, direct drive TFT, EBI and CPU speeds up to 48MHz. Depending on the version, the MCUs are offered with AES encryption, pulse counter, low energy UARTs and autonomous sensor interface, LESENSE, and on-chip operational amplifiers. Package options include small QFN24 to large BGA120.

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