Op amp drives industrial loads

Op amp drives industrial loads

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Manufactured on ADI’s proprietary high voltage XFCB process, the architecture of the ADA4870 enables high performance signal processing solutions in a variety of demanding applications. You can use it for driving the gate of high voltage Power FETs, Piezo transducers, PIN diodes, CCD panels and a variety of other applications that require wide dynamic range from high supply voltage and high current output.

The ADA4870 will come in a Power SOIC package (PSOP), featuring an exposed thermal slug that provides high thermal conductivity enabling efficient heat transfer for improved reliability in demanding environments. The ADA4870 operates over the industrial temperature range (−40°C to +85°C) at maximum performance when appropriate thermal management techniques are applied.

Typical applications include: basestation envelope tracking; power FET driver, ultrasound, piezo driver, waveform generation, ATE, and as a CCD panel driver.

Features include; the ability to drive high capacitive or heavy resistive loads, wide supply range of 10 to 40 V, high output current drive of 1 A, wide output voltage swing of 37 V with 40 V supply, large signal −3dB BW of 45 MHz (VOUT = 20 Vp-p, 300 pF load), high slew rate of 2500 V/μs (peak) and low noise of 3 nV/√Hz.

The device draws a supply current of 34 mA and has a power down consumption of 800 μA. It features short-circuit current protection, current limit of 1.2 A and thermal overload protection with flag.

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