Open edge software platform for ‘time-critical’ IoT systems

Open edge software platform for ‘time-critical’ IoT systems

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By Ally Winning

Edge XRT makes the development of time-critical IoT systems at the Edge easy, while providing application portability, improving supportability and allows the rapid delivery of new IoT edge applications. The software platform is able to run on commodity hardware, independent of silicon provider and operating system and offers flexible deployment with the ability to deploy it as a native application, containerized and/or into a virtualized environment.

Edge XRT has been developed for IoT applications with either or all of the following characteristics – small memory footprint (down to 100KB); low latency (under 100 microseconds) and/or predictable real-time data processing. The solution is written entirely in C and offers a high degree of portability, meaning that it can be used in legacy “brownfield” systems that are based on older hardware, operating systems and development environments.

Edge XRT is suitable for high-performance edge computing applications like industrial control and real-time signal processing applications across different vertical markets. It also allows integration between real-time edge control systems and higher-level SCADA applications.

The small memory footprint and efficient use of computing resources allow Edge XRT to run on MCU-based IoT applications.

The software solution is able to be deployed independently or as a real-time extension to general-purpose edge platforms. As an example, Edge XRT has been fully integrated with IOTech’s Edge Xpert, an industrial-grade implementation of IOTech’s EdgeX Foundry open source edge platform.

“The availability Edge XRT is the exciting result of over two years of intense development and close collaboration with a number of key partners”, said Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech. “For our customers looking to deploy the next generation of industrial system at the Edge, Edge XRT provides an intelligent and feature-rich IoT platform which can support the most demanding performance requirements while significantly reducing time-to-market for their projects.”

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