Open-Robotics platform designed to be accessible for everyone!

Open-Robotics platform designed to be accessible for everyone!

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By Wisse Hettinga

XRP is a an open-robotics platform designed to be accessible for everyone; it comprises a coding environment, hardware kit, and engaging online modules

A consortium of leading educators and technology companies have announced the release of the XRP Kit – Beta, an entry-level open-source robotics ecosystem intended to expand global participation in robotics, inspire future engineers, and serve as a springboard for STEM education for grades 8-12, electronics beginners, and robotics enthusiasts of any age. As of today, anyone can preorder the XRP Kit through SparkFun® or DigiKey®.

Based on three years of pilots, the platform includes everything needed to build and program a robot to perform beginning through advanced tasks progressing from fundamental robotics to driving, line following, using sensors, using a robotic arm, and integrating robotic autonomy. The platform comprises:

  • Easy-to-assemble hardware kit (no tools or soldering) includes the XRP Controller Board from SparkFun, an ultrasonic rangefinder, line follower, two motors with encoders, servo motor, Qwiic® cables, chassis, two wheels, two casters, and battery holder
  • XRP Controller board includes an on-board Raspberry Pi® Pico W featuring the RP2040® microcontroller, low-power accelerometer + gyroscope 6-DoF IMU from STMicroelectronics®, Qwiic connector for easy sensor integration, two dual-channel motor drivers, two servo headers, a momentary button switch, and more
  • Engaging online instructional modules developed by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute ® (WPI) through its OpenSTEM platform, tested with hundreds of users
  • Coding environment includes Blockly tools/libraries, Python, and the FIRST® Robotics coding development tool, WPILib; the board is also Arduino ® compatible 

The XRP is supported by a consortium, including founding visionaries DEKA  and WPI, as well as SparkFun, Raspberry Pi Ltd., STMicroelectronics, DigiKey, and Dagurobot. This group has ensured a pricing structure that offers educators a 43% discount to significantly increase accessibility.

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