Open source plugin enables real-world 3D data in Unity game engine

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By Rich Pell

3D geospatial platform Cesium has announced that Cesium for Unity, an open source plugin that enables real-world 3D data to be utilized in the Unity game engine, is now available. The plugin enables Unity developers to create fully immersive and interactive metaverse apps, games, simulations, and experiences with accurate, high-resolution 3D geospatial data collected from drones, satellites, and other sources.

“Real-time 3D graphics and game engines are key enablers for an engaging and creator-empowered metaverse,” says Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi. “We look forward to the inspiring experiences the Unity community will build with 3D geospatial data enabled by Cesium for Unity.”

The preview of Cesium for Unity includes a full-scale, highly-accurate WGS84 globe for Unity, integration with Unity’s Game Objects, Components and Character Controllers, and integration with Cesium ion for access to global 3D geospatial content like global terrain, imagery, 3D buildings, high-resolution photogrammetry and more.

The plugin supports mobile platforms and VR, including Windows, macOS, Android, and Quest 2 and Quest Pro, with support for additional platforms coming with the full release in early 2023. Cesium for Unity is free and open source under the Apache 2.0 License.



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