Open web platform lets users monitor, control IoT devices

Open web platform lets users monitor, control IoT devices

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By Rich Pell

Known as Mozilla’s Project Things during its development phase, the platform, now called Mozilla WebThings, consists of the following:

  • WebThings Gateway – a software distribution for smart home gateways focused on privacy, security and interoperability
  • WebThings Framework – a collection of reusable software components to help developers build their own web things

The WebThings Gateway 0.8 release is available to download now. This latest release includes new features that allow users to privately log data from all their smart home devices, a new alarms capability, and a new network settings UI.

The company also announced that it has been working on a new OpenWrt-based build of WebThings Gateway, aimed at consumer wireless routers. This version of WebThings Gateway will be able to act as a Wi-Fi access point itself, rather than just connect to an existing wireless network as a client.

“We look forward to a future in which Mozilla WebThings software is installed on commercial products that can provide consumers with a trusted agent for their ‘smart’ connected home,” says Mozilla IoT software engineer Ben Francis.

Mozilla is known for developing the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird email client, and has a stated overall goal to “ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all – an internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.” Mozilla IoT’s mission, says the company, is to create a Web of Things implementation that embodies those values and helps drive IoT standards for security, privacy, and interoperability.


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