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Available for download at together with sample platform code for use with the IMST iM880A module, LoRa MAC in C will lower the cost of entry into the LoRa ecosystem, easing the development of new IoT solutions based on this type of network.

By open sourcing its premier “LoRa MAC in C” implementation, IBM not only hopes to boost the LoRa
eco-system but to attract more IoT application developers to its newly launched IoT foundation, an extension to the company’s Bluemix open-standards cloud application platform.

Announced about a month ago, the IBM Internet of Things Foundation encompasses software solutions as a service to help companies build IoT applications in just a few minutes and leverage IBM’s big data analytics solutions. Clients can compose analytics applications, visualization dashboards and mobile apps for increased insights.

“You don’t differentiate a product or a service by writing up a wireless communication protocol”, justified Christopher Sciacca, Communications Manager for IBM Research in Zurich. “Open source is the way to go if you want people to adhere and contribute to your eco-system”.

IBM also plans to form a partner program for IoT, along with a set of certified instructions, or “recipes,” for connecting devices, sensors and gateways from a variety of its partners including ARM, B&B Electronics, Elecsys, Intel, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. and Texas Instruments.

Along similar lines and serving its own business purposes, Lantronix announced Python support for its Intelligent Device Software Platform. The M2M communication modules maker released new software features for its PremierWave family of intelligent gateways, adding support for the open-source dynamic, object-oriented programming language that is rapidly becoming a standard for creating and deploying industrial IoT applications.

Through its developers’ wiki, Lantronix is offering downloadable sample scripts, instructions, and a platform for community sharing and collaboration.

Visit the IBM IoT Foundation at

Check out the Lantronix Python Wiki at

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