OpenVPX multiprocessing DSP module hosts 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processors

OpenVPX multiprocessing DSP module hosts 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processors

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Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions’ , CHAMP-AV9 is a rugged, high performance OpenVPX (VITA 65) DSP (digital signal processing) engine based on the latest quad-core Intel CoreTM i7-4700EQ processor. The CHAMP-AV9 is designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions for rugged, deployed applications at the highest possible performance level. Using the enhanced Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX) 2.0 instruction set, the CHAMP-AV9 offers 664 GFLOPS per board, not including the on-chip GPGPU numerical co-processors, to deliver more than double the performance of previous DSP solutions. CHAMP-AV9 is also the first OpenVPX DSP engine to utilise a 40 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Ethernet or Infiniband data plane fabric, providing 14 GB/sec full duplex throughput with RDMA to support scalable, distributed, real-time computing. With full VxWorks and Linux support, as well as accompanying middleware, libraries and tools, the CHAMP-AV9 provides a seamless migration path for both existing CHAMP-AV DSP applications and large, distributed node HPEC systems. With CHAMP-AV9, Curtiss-Wright maintains performance leadership in COTS DSP for the industry’s harshest environments.

“Curtiss-Wright’s highly-engineered thermal management solutions for Intel processors eliminate throttling at extreme temperatures, yielding greater performance for rugged, deployed applications,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions. “With the CHAMP-AV9, Curtiss-Wright continues our focus on DSP applications that require maximum performance within size, weight and power constraints.”

The CHAMP-AV9 combines the floating point performance of the latest Intel Core i7 processors, with the substantial bandwidth and system-enabling features of the 6U OpenVPX form-factor. With its pair of quad-core 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors, and featuring updated Intel AVX 2.0 instruction units and redesigned on-chip graphics execution units, the CHAMP-AV9 increases peak performance. Memory support for the high performance processors includes a dual-channel DDR3 memory sub-system that provides ample bandwidth to simultaneously serve CPU access and streaming I/O from the VPX backplane interfaces.

4th generation Intel Core i7 processors contain substantial improvements over previous generations; double the CPU floating-point performance with a fused multiply-add AVX instruction; ability to load two and store one operand per clock; double the L1 and L2 cache bandwidth vs. 3rd-generation Intel Core processors; and a 2.6 GHz CPU clock. The CHAMP-AV9 engine has been upgraded to DDR3-1600 and rugged implementations of the module will incorporate thermal management solutions that eliminate CPU throttling at our benchmark 71C air-cooled and conduction cooled 85C card-edge environments. This contrasts with alternative solutions in which the CPU’s throttle severely or are simply unable to operate at an 85C card-edge.

The CHAMP-AV9 is supported with a suite of software including support for Wind River VxWorks and Linux operating environments. Additional software support includes Curtiss-Wright’s Inter-processor communications (IPC), OFED/MPI, Continuum Vector Intel AVX 2.0-optimised signal processing library and Continuum Insights Graphical Management and Debug tool.

Pricing for the CHAMP-AV9 starts at $20,000.

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