Optical D-Sub connector withstands harsh use

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Positronic’s Combo-D is a hybrid connector system which allows designers to incorporate power, signal, coax and now optical contacts in a single mixed density, D-Subminiature format to create a high performance, versatile and cost saving solution. According to Lane Electronics, Optik-D connectors are more cost effective than D38999 or ARINC 600-based systems and are compatible with ARINC 801 products from other manufacturers.

The Optik-D connector features an ultra-low insertion loss figure of just 0.06 dB (typical) achieved thanks to a proprietary design based on a tight tolerance guide pin and bushing that act jointly to keep the fibre cores precisely aligned. This, in turn, means designers can usually specify an LED laser source rather than a more costly solid state laser since less optical power is required. Positronic’s Optik-D connector will accept cables with a diameter from 1.6 to 2.8 (0.065 to 0.110) and Lane is able to supply a range of accessories and tooling.

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