Optical microscanner turns any surface into a virtual UI

Optical microscanner turns any surface into a virtual UI

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By Rich Pell

Laser projected virtual interfaces are a new fascinating solution in a world of previously undreamed of opportunities,” Bosch says. A core component of this solution that enables focus-free laser projection and turns any surface into a virtual user interface (UI) is the high-precision MEMS scanner for interactive laser projection applications.

With the help of the BML050, a precise on-demand UI can be created for the interconnected world of the IoT, e.g., for home appliances, tablets and social robots. The BML050 is offered for embedded projectors and augmented reality applications such as games, infotainment and in-car head-up displays.

With the BML050 microscanner Bosch Sensortec is extending its current portfolio in optical microsystems. The scanner includes two tiny MEMS mirrors to project an RGB colour laser onto any surface to create a projected image. The BML050 is both compact and power efficient, suiting it for space- and power-restricted devices.

Bosch Sensortec provides a ready to use projector reference design including an RGB light source. Interactivity is enabled by a photo diode that measures the reflected light intensity pixel by pixel – no calibration is required.

Projection quality is enhanced by advanced speckle reduction and precise control of the MEMS scanning mirrors and laser diodes. The BML050 projection principle eliminates the need for focus adjustment tasks, and the native laser colour-space exceeds industry standards.

At the core of the MEMS scanner there are two independent, hermetically-encapsulated MEMS scanning mirrors, which are optically aligned for fast and easy integration. The BML050 also includes a video processor, control circuits, laser drivers and power management ICs.

The partitioning of the BML050 supports a wide range of applications; there is software support for major operating systems, plus assistance with operation and parameter configurations as well as hardware integration and calibration tasks.

Bosch Sensortec:

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