Optical processing AI startup launches 4U accelerator

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By Peter Clarke

The box contains an array of 16 Envise optical chips controlled by two AMD Epyc 7002 microprocessors with 1terabyte of DDR4 DRAM and 3terabytes of solid-state memory. To allow scaling up with multiple blades there is an optical interconnect bandwidth of 6.4Tbps.

The unit is intended for rapid inference in the cloud.

Along with this hardware Lightmatter (Boston, Mass.) is introducing the ‘Idiom’ compiler which compiles and executes neural network models on Envise and provides tools for debug, profiling and model optimization.

At the same time Lightmatter has introduced Passage, a wafer-scale programmable photonic interconnect switch. Passage measures 8-inchs by 8-inches and integrates transistors, lasers, modulators and photodetectors.

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