Optogan brings X10 high-power modules to production

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The production line has a capacity of 40,000 units per month, said Optogan Executive Vice President Vladislav Bougrov.

A unique feature of the X10 is its combination of small size, state-of-the-art module efficiency over 110lm/W, convenient size for mounting competitive and pricing. Optogan has already produced modules consisting of 72 items that can be easily divided into LED elements of smaller sizes and power. According to Optogan, the X10 concept offers the maximum possible variety starting with single unit of 10 W. The biggest X10 module can provide maximum luminous flux of nearly 80,000 lumens, while the power consumption is only 720W. Due to various sizes and forms of the elements, X10 can be used for a broad range of applications halogen lamp analogues, light fittings, single designer lamps, fixtures with reflectors, as well as high power industrial or street lights. The ceramic base and product material selection is based on long life performance by design.

The patented X10 design was developed jointly with the Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center. The pilot sample of the X10 solution was already introduced in 2011 and has by now won the recognition of the international community at the largest lighting exhibitions, such as Light & Building in Frankfurt am Main or Strategies in Light Europe in Munich.

Optogan`s X10 module represents a new generation of integrated solutions like LED Chip-on- Board, which are the main focus of technological development of the global LED industry. As Optogan’s Bugrov explained, the company strives to make the transition from a single breakthrough LED, which is already implemented in the technology Chip-on-board, to the integrated lighting system, including the assembly of LEDs on a single substrate, the circuit elements and the power control (driver), as well as the primary optics. "Such a breakthrough is possible due to the continuous research, conducted at the Optogan`s research and development center, the executive said. Integration will in particular significantly reduce the cost of the production process which in turn will help to drive down the price of LED light sources in the future, he said.


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