OSPT Alliance publishes CIPURSE open security standard for Transport

OSPT Alliance publishes CIPURSE open security standard for Transport

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“We are proud to release this initial version of the CIPURSE standard and begin the process of creating an ecosystem of CIPURSE-certified products for the next generation of more secure, cost-effective, scalable and extensible transit fare collection systems,” said Laurent Cremer, executive director of the OSPT Alliance. “Organizations can now evaluate this specification and then contribute to this ecosystem by becoming an OSPT Alliance member and receiving the necessary implementer’s license to develop their product.”

The CIPURSE specification will enable technology suppliers to develop and deliver innovative, more secure and interoperable transit fare collection solutions for cards, stickers, fobs, mobile phones and other consumer devices, as well as infrastructure components. Unlike systems based on proprietary technologies that limit choices, are potentially less secure and cost more to acquire, deploy and maintain, products that conform to the CIPURSE standard will include advanced security technologies, help ensure compatibility with legacy systems, and be available in a broad variety of form factors.

The standard builds upon existing, proven, open standards — the ISO 7816 smart card standard, as well as the 128-bit advanced encryption standard (AES-128) and the ISO/IEC 14443-4 protocol layer. It could be used within existing application frameworks around the world. Being an open standard, it promotes vendor neutrality, cross-vendor system interoperability, lower technology adoption risks, higher quality and improved market responsiveness, all of which result in lower operating costs and greater flexibility for transport system operators.

Full membership in the OSPT Alliance is designed for organizations that plan to develop commercialized CIPURSE products based on this open standard. Full members receive all benefits offered by the OSPT Alliance, which includes an implementation license and software development kit (SDK). Associate membership is open to transit agencies, industry associations involved in transit, and universities and research institutions with an interest in public transportation. There is no fee to join as an associate member. Organizations interested in obtaining a copy of the specification for evaluation may now download the documentation from the OSPT Alliance website after first agreeing to a royalty-free “click-through” evaluation license. Evaluators have access to the CIPURSE specification and are eligible to purchase a CIPURSE SDK after completing the application.

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