Osram LEDs to lower BMW’s energy bill

Osram LEDs to lower BMW’s energy bill

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By Rich Pell

The order is one of the largest for Osram’s Lighting Solutions (LS) Business Unit to date, encompassing up to 170,000 luminaires to be installed in several phases through to the end of 2017. The first phase of the project is already underway, with specially developed luminaires currently being installed in the BMW Group plants at Dingolfing and Regensburg.

Osram is supplying up to 70,000 luminaires for Dingolfing alone. Fitting this modern LED technology to replace the existing lighting is a swift process that requires only a moderate amount of installation effort. The previous trunking systems from Osram’s Siteco subsidiary, some of which were originally installed decades ago, are proving particularly easy to convert. Fitted in the trunking rails, the main electrics can remain in place – only the luminaire inserts need to be switched.

The old inserts, containing the fluorescent lamps, fittings and control gear, are attached to the rails as a form of “lid”. A simple “plug-and-play” operation requiring no additional electrical installation work, these lids are now being replaced by units with modern LED technology.

Last year, Osram had already equipped a BMW Group warehouse in Dingolfing with modern LED lighting, installing around 6,000 luminaires in the newly-constructed logistics hall.



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