Osram lights up the Aidastella cruise ship

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The ship was inaugurated with the name of Aidastella in Warnemünde, Germany, on 16 March 2013. In order that the star (Stella in Latin) can attain its full brilliance, diverse areas were equipped with specifically suitable light: 1,200 metres of flexible LED modules and 9,000 Osram halogen Eco lamps ensure both white and coloured light and also reduce maintenance costs through their longer service life – the LED modules with 50,000 hours having an up to 50 times higher operating duration than standard incandescent lamps.

In terms of lighting, cruise ships are highly demanding, as they always need to operate with a close eye on energy consumption and must bring together various types of lighting applications in restricted spaces, for example hotel services, catering, retail and living areas. Because power is generated on board, a focus is always placed on energy efficiency. "Cruise ships with their complex range of demands are in reality lighthouses for lighting applications," commented Martin Nüboldt, the manager responsible for the project at Osram.


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