Out-of-the-box solution to secure supply chain integrity

Out-of-the-box solution to secure supply chain integrity

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Based on Winbond New W77Q Secure Flash memory and Karamba Security’s XGuard embedded security software, customers can use a drop-in replacement for existing Flash devices, supporting end-to-end runtime integrity check throughput the supply chain, including over-the-air updates for IoT controllers and automotive ECUs.
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Winbond’s new W77Q includes hardware root-of-trust and secure, encrypted, data-storage and data-transfer capabilities. Embedded with Karamba Security’s XGuard software, customers will benefit from pre-packaged, verified-destination, and runtime integrity checks of all binaries before being loaded to memory. With Karamba Security’s XGuard, the solution enables customers to ensure that binaries’ integrity is verified during runtime. The combined solution offers deterministic integrity checks, from development throughout the supply chain, starting from the silicon Fab, through deployment in the customers’ manufacturing plant, to runtime, without requiring customers to change their development or manufacturing processes.

Additionally, thanks to Winbond W77Q secure channel, Karamba’s XGuard whitelist verification, and CFI validation, users will benefit from an out-of-the-box secured OTA updates, without requiring to invest resources in costly OTA secure channels.

The W77Q series products are supplied in industry-standard packages and pin-outs, and feature a standard single/dual/quad/QPI serial peripheral interface (SPI). This means that they can be used as a simple drop-in replacement for non-secure SPI NOR Flash devices.

Karamba Security – www.karambasecurity.com

Winbond Electronics – www.winbond.com

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