Panasonic Grid-EYE IR sensor evaluation kit, in distribution

Panasonic Grid-EYE IR sensor evaluation kit, in distribution

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The Grid-EYE evaluation kit combines Panasonic’s Grid-EYE sensor, its ‘nanopower’ PAN1740 Bluetooth Smart Module and a microcontroller, on a single PCB, enabling engineers to design and develop wireless sensor prototypes quickly. It can detect multiple people or objects moving in different directions; up, down, left, right and diagonally, including hand movements for gesture control.

The Grid-EYE Sensor Module includes an 8 x 8 IR pixel matrix, capable of measuring temperatures ten times per second over a wide temperature range (-20C to +100C). Communicating with the evaluation kit is achieved wirelessly using the built-in Bluetooth module, or via a wired USB link.

The kit has two modes of operation; it can function as a standalone device or be connected to an Arduino DUE platform, for applications including motion detection, gesture control, detection of temperature distribution and Internet of Things.

Additional features include bootloader accessible via a pin header, data display interface to PC and smartphone (Android and iphone) via USB or Bluetooth, reset switches for both board and Bluetooth, and Firmware/app loaded via JTAG header or USB port.

Priced from £47.20 the Grid-EYE evaluation kit is available from Farnell element14 in Europe;

Four additional temperature sensors are available to support the Grid Eye Sensor evaluation kit, AMG8831, AMG8832, AMG8851, AMG8852

element14 is hosting a related webinar on 3 Dec, 3pm GMT (16:00 CET); details at;

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