Panasonic Industry, Hera Group collaborate on smart metering

Panasonic Industry, Hera Group collaborate on smart metering

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Panasonic Industry has announced an important smart metering collaboration with Hera Group, one of the leading Italian multi-utilities operating in the waste, energy and water sectors. This partnership represents a significant step forward as Panasonic Industry secures the license for the Hera IP for NexMeter, a cutting-edge device in the energy measurement and efficiency field and a trademark owned by Hera Group.

This collaboration enables Panasonic Industry to extend the reach of NexMeter to other gas distributors, offering an enhanced level of innovation, safety, and sustainability in the gas smart metering industry.
The NexMeter technology, acclaimed by Hera Group for its advancements in gas smart metering, has been a pioneer in the field, offering noteworthy performance and advanced features. This partnership leverages Panasonic Industry’s 20 years of technological expertise, particularly in the unique safety logic using pressure, seismic, and innovative Ultrasonic Measurement Unit sensors, which surpass the Italian standard for smart meters.

Collaborating with Hera Group, a prominent player in the Italian utility sector, Panasonic Industry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. While Panasonic Industry specializes in providing advanced components, Hera Group’s extensive local knowledge and presence in Italy make them an ideal partner for this venture. This union is poised to enhance gas distribution in Italy by combining Japanese precision with European industry insight.
“We are excited about the opportunities that arise from our collaboration with Hera Group to introduce NexMeter to a wider audience of gas distributors across Italy,” said Gerhard Scharf, Division Director at Panasonic Industry Europe. “This partnership signifies an important step towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for the gas metering industry.”

“The new collaboration with Panasonic Industry will enable a greater diffusion of NexMeter, created by the Hera Group in 2019 and now a consolidated reference point in the gas smart metering market, already active in over 250,000 homes” declared Alessandro Baroncini, Networks Director of Hera Group. “This cutting-edge device in the measurement and energy efficiency sector has enhanced its features over time — born as a tool for reducing gas dispersions into the atmosphere with advanced safety functions. It has further evolved in the direction of sustainability of its components and compatibility with hydrogen. Today it uses pressure sensors, seismic sensors and ultrasonic measurement units that exceed the Italian standard for smart meters, thus ensuring a more reliable service in terms of prevention and reduction of accidents and anomalies, in earthquake situations, in case of dangerous gas leaks or small continuous leaks. Its innovative features and advanced functions therefore make it an excellent partner not only for utilities, but also for other operators in the sector”.

Key components offered by Panasonic Industry include state-of-the-art pressure sensors, seismic sensors, ultrasonic measurement units, and a cutting-edge shut-off valve, providing a comprehensive solution for gas distributors seeking to enhance their metering capabilities.

This partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to advancing the gas metering sector and driving positive change in the European utility landscape.

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