Panthronics improves efficiency of NFC wireless charging

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By Peter Clarke

Panthronics AG (Graz, Austria) has introduced the PTX130W wireless charging controller IC for near field communications, an upgrade on the previous device, the PTX100W.

This provides a system efficiency 18 percent higher than Panthronics’ first-generation transmitter thereby easing thermal management in small consumer equipment.

The harvested power at the listener device is 1W. The increased efficiency makes the PTX130W suitable for products such as fitness trackers, smart watches, earbuds, hearing aids, smart glasses, smart rings, styluses and medical sensors. The reduction in power losses and waste heat allows designers to shrink a product’s enclosure, and to remove thermal management materials while maximizing the power input to the battery.

The PTX130W’s improved efficiency is the result of enhancements to power amplifier design, and improved packaging including dedicated Transmit and Receive pins.

The PTX130W includes a low-power embedded listener detection circuit, drawing just 100 microamps at a 2Hz polling rate. In addition, 20-step power negotiation in charging mode enables optimization of power dissipation.

The PTX130W shares the unique Panthronics sine-wave architecture first deployed in the first-generation PTX100W NFC poller. This architecture eliminates the lossy EMC filter required in conventional square-wave NFC architectures, and allows for a direct connection between the transmitter and antenna.

The PTX130W NFC poller is supplied in a 7mm by 7mm QFN56 package. Engineering samples are available directly from Panthronics.

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