Panthronics teams to accelerate NFC wireless charging

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By Nick Flaherty

Panthronics in Austria has teamed up with a Chinese original design manufacturer (ODM) to accelerate the adoption of NFC wireless charging in computing and consumer devices.

Luxshare-ICT in Guangdong is developing reference designs using early access to new NFC wireless charging products and in-depth technical support from Panthronics.

These designs will provide ready-made implementations of NFC wireless charging, enabling consumer electronics manufacturers to add wireless charging capability quickly and easily to products such as computer mice, keyboards and styluses, and to true wireless stereo earbuds, smart rings, smart watches and other consumer devices.

The first proof-of-concept design to emerge from the partnership between Panthronics and Luxshare-ICT is a wireless charging mat for a computer mouse, based on the latest Panthronics PTX130W poller and PTX30W integrated listener SoC. The compact mouse mat incorporates a poller antenna. The PTX130W poller in the mat uses Panthronics firmware to perform automatic device detection and charging control functions.

The proof-of-concept also includes a mouse which features the single-chip PTX30W, the world’s smallest solution for the NFC charging listener. Together, the PTX130W and PTX30W allow for the over-the-air transfer of data and the harvesting of 1W of power at the mouse – twice the power capability of NFC wireless charging systems based on competing poller/listener combinations. The NFC Forum-compatible PTX130W supports the use of any NFC-compliant tag or listener device.

“By using the Panthronics poller and listener ICs, Luxshare-ICT is now able to supply consumer electronics brands with a superior solution for NFC charging, offering high power throughput for the fastest charging times,” said Josue Castillo, Global Marketing Director for Advanced Technology Development at Luxshare-ICT.

Darryn Prince, Vice President and General Manager Americas at Panthronics, said: “The world-class design capabilities of Luxshare-ICT promise to produce some outstanding implementations of NFC wireless charging based on Panthronics ICs and firmware. The collaboration between our companies gives consumer device manufacturers a new, easy way to build NFC wireless charging into many types of products.”

The charging mat proof-of-concept design is available today for demonstration to computing device manufacturers.

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