PAR30/AR111 LED lamps replace halogen 50-W to 12-W lamps

PAR30/AR111 LED lamps replace halogen 50-W to 12-W lamps

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Soraa has extended the company's line of PAR and AR111 lamps to offer a full range of halogen replacement lamps from 50 W to 120 W halogen equivalent.
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The 12.5 W line features a lower wattage addition to its award winning, full visible spectrum PAR30 and AR111 LED lamps, while maintaining the high Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) characteristic of Soraa’s lamps. Featuring what is claimed to be the world’s most efficient LED – Soraa’s third generation GaN on GaN LED – the company’s 12.5 W PAR30 lamps are an ideal lighting solution for 75 W to 120 W equivalent lighting applications in retail, hospitality and museum environments; while the 12.5 W AR111 lamps offer an efficient choice for retail applications.

Soraa’s POINT SOURCE OPTICS technology produces high intensity and uniform beams. The optics technology enables the offering of an 8 degree narrow spot version with a CBCP of 20,000Cd – twice the CBCP from other LED manufacturers.

Soraa’s Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP) LED technology allows for perfect rendering of colors and whiteness. Utilizing every color in the rainbow, especially deep red emission, Soraa’s VP VIVID COLOR renders warm tones beautifully and accurately, and achieves a color-rendering index (CRI) of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95. And unlike blue-based white LEDs without any violet/ultra-violet emission, the company’s VP NATURAL WHITE is achieved by engineering the violet emission to properly excite fluorescing brightening agents including natural objects like human eyes and teeth, as well as manufactured white materials such as clothing, paper and cosmetics.

Soraa’s PAR30 and AR111 lamps are available in 50 W to 100 W (Soraa 95CRI VIVID) and 60 W to 120 W (Soraa 80CRI BRILLIANT) halogen equivalent light output; 8 degree, 9 degree, 25 degree, 36 degree, 50 degree, and 60 degree; as well as 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures. Both lamps are highly compatible with a broad range of enclosed, non-ventilated, indoor and outdoor fixtures. Additionally, Soraa’s 8 degree lamps work with its award-winning magnetic accessory SNAP System. With a simple magnetic accessory attachment, beam shapes can be altered and color temperature can be modified, allowing endless design and display possibilities.

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