Particle inspector boosts yields for semiconductor wafers

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By eeNews Europe

Particles are probably the best known defects when it comes to the wafer production. During transport, during processing or even in the plant itself, particles such as dust or material abrasion, can settle on the wafer which can develop into an undesirable covering.

The defects can interfere with the processing process. The particles can prevent the etching or the precipitation of layers which can lead to malfunctioning such as short-circuits or missing electrical joints between conductors.

The particle inspector of EVT analyzes the surface of the wafer concerning dust and other particles. The measuring principle is based on a laser line.

The laser line scans the wafer. The wafer is reflecting scattered light which can, with the help of photodiodes, be changed into an electrical signal that can be compared with a previously saved reference value.

The EyeVision software recognizes even the slightest discrepancy and therefore can send an evaluation of the wafer as Good or Bad.

The EyeVision software is also easy-to-handle and the particle inspection can be adjusted easily in the graphical user interface.


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