Pasqal assembles 1,000 trapped atoms for quantum computing

Pasqal assembles 1,000 trapped atoms for quantum computing

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By Peter Clarke

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Pasqal SE (Massy, France) has reported the assembly of over 1,000 atoms within a trapped-atom quantum computer set up.

Pasqal trapped more than 1,110 individual rubidium atoms across approximately 2,088 trap sites at a cryogenic temperature of 6K as a demonstration of the feasibility of large-scale neutral-atom quantum computing.

In Pasqal’s quantum computing architecture, these atoms are confined and manipulated using electromagnetic fields. The internal energy states of these atoms serve as the quantum states of qubits, which are then manipulated to perform quantum operations and execute quantum algorithms.

To achieve the set up Pasqal demonstrated atom-by-atom rearrangement of an 828-atom target array using moving optical tweezers controlled by an FPGA. “Achieving the 1,000-atom milestone illustrates the great scalability of Pasqal’s quantum processors,” said Loic Henriet, Co-CEO of Pasqal.

This milestone keeps Pasqal on course with its goal of developing quantum computers with over 1,000 qubits, progressing towards 10,000 qubits by 2026 or 2027.

The full paper can be found here.

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