Pasqal teams for quantum computing in Korea

Pasqal teams for quantum computing in Korea

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By Nick Flaherty

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French quantum computer developer Pasqal is teaming up with South Korean steel company POSCO and Korean company Qunova Computing to develop quantum computing technologies for the group.

Qunova Computing is the first quantum computer venture company in Korea created by KAIST teacher start-up program, and has strengths in developing quantum computing software for the development of new materials.

Quantum computer

A ‘New Experience of Technology Hub’ at POSCO plans to conduct research and development of quantum AI algorithms jointly with Pasqal, optimizing the eco-friendly steelmaking process and developing secondary battery materials by combining POSCO Group’s AI technology and Pasqal’s neutral atom  quantum computer technology.

“Quantum computers have the potential to implement computing tasks that would be intractable with classical means,” said Georges-Oliver Reymond, CEO of Pasqal. Kim Ji-yong, head of POSCO Holdings New Experience of Technology Hub, emphasized, “We expect to secure quantum computing technology through cooperation with PASQAL and utilize quantum computing technology for the group’s main business, steelmaking, and eco-friendly future material technology development.”

The two companies plan to hold regular technology exchanges in the future and strengthen their technological competitiveness by solving problems to help achieve a sustainable future for humankind.

A POSCO consortium was selected as a national project in April by contesting the National Research Foundation of Korea’s Quantum Computing-based Quantum advantage Challenge Research Project. The consortium plans to develop technologies that increase the accuracy of material characteristics analysis such as solid electrolytes and reduce the time required by using quantum computers.



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