PCB plasma etching unit runs without CF4 gas

PCB plasma etching unit runs without CF4 gas

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By eeNews Europe

The company has developed a technology called the Magna Series that eliminates the need of CF4 gas that is presently used daily by printed circuit board manufacturers throughout the world with the use of plasma etching systems for desmear and etchback processing applications.

CFC gases are harmful to the ozone layer. It is hard to determine the exact amount of Chlorofluorocarbon’s being emitted daily, monthly or yearly by the use of plasma etching systems, however it is estimated to be significant.

The Magna Series technology will not require the use of O2 bottles (gas tanks) presently required. Plasma Etch also stresses the Magna Series will require significantly less power than traditional plasma etching systems currently in use.

The new technology provides faster etch times, lower operating cost, and process uniformity not achievable using existing technologies, says the manufacturer.

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