Performance and reliability data of 15V and 650V GaN power devices

Performance and reliability data of 15V and 650V GaN power devices

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By Nick Flaherty

Innoscience Technology is showing details of its 15V and 650V gallium nitride on silicon (GaN on Si) devices.

The company, which manufactures the parts on 200mm wafers in two fabs in China, is presenting two papers at the IEEE International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices (ISPSD) conference in Vancouver, Canada, next week.

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“The two papers are highly detailed and include comprehensive test data as befits submissions to this IEEE conference,” said Dr Denis Marcon, General Manager, Innoscience Europe. “We hope that attendees will understand that Innoscience is clearly the leader in GaN devices produced on 8-inch silicon wafers, with fully-characterised performance and reliability data both for Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) devices.”

The first paper shows the reliability and switching lifetime of a 650-V commercial GaN-on-Si HEMT transistor for a high-density PFC Boost power converter application. Innoscience’s Strain Enhance Layer (SEL) technology enables a stable Dynamic RDS(on) (< 1.2x) during the 1000-hrs switching stress test which was further confirmed by the wafer-level stress system. Device without SEL layer, on the contrary, shows a quicker degradation of the Dynamic RDS(on) that increases 18 times during the first 3 hours of stress.

Emission Microscope (EMMI) detects the electroluminescence of device in situ during switching stress to show that the SEL suppressed the hot carrier injection, which is believed to contribute to the increase of the Dynamic RDS(on) on samples without SEL technology.

The second paper looks at the dynamic RDS(on) in a 15 V E-mode GaN HEMT.

Although tremendous efforts have been made in low voltage GaN HEMT for consumer electronics, where power switches are typically below 40 V, the wide adoption of low voltage GaN HEMT still faces huge challenge as compared with its silicon counterpart.

As the contact resistance or parasitic capacitance proportion rises as dimensions shrink down, the threshold voltage Vth decreases and the risk of false turn-on increases as the off-state leakage current increases. This results in large quiescent loss and long-term static and dynamic instability.

All these issues hinder the wide acceptance of low voltage GaN HEMT in volume constrained portable electronics. Innoscience showed its InnoGaN withstands 1000 hours’ continual stress over wide temperature range with minimum parametric shift and continuous-switching stress in both hard-/soft-switching mode with negligible dynamic Ron and Vth shift.

Device performance is further validated in a buck converter design with GaN HEMTs in half bridge configuration with efficiency over 80% at tens of MHz.

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