PFET high-side load switch with level shift and slew-rate control offers flexibility benefits

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Offering support for the industry’s widest supply voltage range at 1.0 V up to 8 V, the TPS27081A is the most flexible replacement for discrete FET switches.

The load switch also offers adjustable slew-rate control so designers can implement the device in any application that requires load switching or power sequencing, including notebooks, tablets, LCD televisions, global positioning systems (GPS) and set-top boxes.
The TPS27081A offers a higher voltage range of operation for both the on/off function and input/output voltages supports wider range of applications with lower bill-of-materials cost.

Supply inputs are fully protected against ESD strikes on all pins, thus providing better ESD compatibility with other on-board components than the competition.  Low ON resistance with the high-current PFET ensures low voltage drop across the PMOS transistor.

High-pulsed current rating allows reliability under short-circuit conditions, which ensures longer product lifetimes. The TPS27081A is available in a 2.9×1.6×0.75mm thin SOT-23 (DDC) package.

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