Philips CityTouch offers flexible street lighting control

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The CityTouch outdoor lighting management system enables dynamic, intelligent and flexible lighting control on a city wide scale, but at the other hand, it enables users to control light also at a very small scale: It can detect single traffic participants and automatically bring up the brightness of street lamps around them. It utilizes the feature of LED lamps to control their brightness by dimming and thus it can achieve up to 70 % in energy over conventional lighting, Philips claims.

CityTouch also enables users to manage the lighting systems for an entire city from a single online interface. It provides streamlined maintenance and oversight with real-time status reports for every individual light point. That way, lighting operators can track the consumption and output of every part of their system and can fine-tune lighting levels to meet local needs. Furthermore, CityTouch helps cities face the double challenge of cutting costs and preserving the environment. By making it possible to dim light points throughout the city outside of peak hours, to detect failures and to provide smart lighting workflow support, the system significantly reduces operating costs and energy usage – leading to lower energy bills, lower carbon emissions and less light pollution. By the same token, the online interface and the high degree of automation help to reduce maintenance costs by up to 70%.

Since CityTouch is scalable and platform-independent, it is future-proof, Philips promises. According to the company, CityTouch is the only control platform that isn’t bound to any one hardware type or provider. For this reason, users have flexibility in choosing the lighting and power supply products that best suit their city’s requirements and budgets. With the system, lighting operators can actively dim or brighten specific streets or neighborhoods and thus improve the safety situation in certain areas or at certain times of the night.

Currently, the system is in a pre-series status. Several European cities including London and Prague run pilot projects: The London boroughs of Croydon and Lewisham, for example, are using CityTouch as the light management service for a full PFI city lighting renovation project over the next 25 years, replacing more than 42,000 light points.


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