Philips LED luminaire replaces HID lamps without rewiring

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In installations with up to 400 watts electrical power, GentleSpace can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. In addition, the system lifetime of up to 90.000 operating hours helps to reduce maintenance costs significantly. These properties make GentleSpace the ideal platform for sustainable lighting solutions, Philips promises.

The platform is equipped with a DALI interface (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface) that enables designers to integrate GentleSpace luminaires into intelligent lighting control systems. Thus, features such as daylight-dependent intensity control or person presence detection can be implemented. This feature help users to further reduce energy consumption since it automatically controls the lighting intensity to a comfortable level and switches the lights of when no-one is in the room. In windowless environments, the lighting intensity can be controlled according to ergonomic requirements.

GentleSpace is against humidity according to IP65. This makes the system a versatile lighting platform for most industrial applications. It generates neutral white light at a CRI of Ra76. The luminous flux is 12.000 lumens at an emission angle of 125 degrees. The system can be operated at temperatures as low as -45°C which makes it ideal for installation in warehouses. In contrast to HID lamps it can be switched on immediately after a power failure.

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